I know this is early, but HAPPY THANKSGIVING



These motherfuckers ARE NOT PEACEFUL.

Study the history of the deeds of Islam …270 million dead ..If you think we can co-exist with people that follow this book , you had better read it again till it soaks in …! 1) Slay the unbelievers wherever you find them. Qur’an 2:19

How is it tht being left like this by 3 Asian males all for not having a light then being called “a mother fucking white slag” not be called “a racial attack”? This happened a week ago yesterday (Tuesday) and yet I’ve still had no visits from the local Bill!!! Funny that isn’t it? I wonder if it would still be the same situation if it was someone else? Β mOslem MEN ARE NOTHING BUT FUCKING COWARDS. IT TOOK 3 COWARD PUSSYS TO BEAT THE HELL OUT OF THIS WOMAN. Β THIS SHIT HAS GOT TO FUCKING STOP. Β THESE DEMONS ARE NOT FUCKING PEACEFUL. HOW MUCH MORE PROOF DO YOU FUCKING LIBERALS NEED.

We’re not a racist department’: North Carolina firefighters refuse to take down Confederate flag after funding pulled

Firefighters in North Carolina will continue to fly a Confederate flag over their taxpayer-funded fire house despite the fact that their political choice could financially devastate the department.


David Cassidy suffering from organ failure, surrounded by family

Partridge Family” star David Cassidy is suffering from multiple organ failure at a Florida hospital, his rep confirmed to several media outlets Saturday.Cassidy, 67, was admitted to the unidentified facility earlier this week.

Geffen added that there was nothing “imminent” about Cassidy’s condition, and doctors were hoping to “keep him as well as they can until they can find another liver.”


Libya migrant ‘slave market’ footage sparks outrage

The African Union (AU) has expressed outrage after footage emerged appearing to show sub-Saharan migrants being sold at slave markets in Libya.

In April, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) said it had gathered evidence of slavery in Libya.



WELL DUH I’VE BEEN SAYING mOslems, HAVE BLACK SLAVES….Screenshot_2017-11-19-00-51-48-1.png


‘Three’s Company’ actress Ann Wedgeworth dies at 83

Actress Ann Wedgeworth has died at age 83, according to reports from The Hollywood Reporter and The Associated Press.Wedgeworth’s daughter Dianna Martin said the actress died Thursday close to her home in New York City after a long illness in a nursing home. Martin told The Hollywood Reporter that Wedgeworth was surrounded by family.

She also starred as country music singer Patsy Cline’s mom in the 1985 film Sweet Dreams.

She married actor Rip Torn and the couple had a daughter, Danae Torn, before ending their five-year marriage in 1961. Wedgeworth later married acting teacher Ernest Martin and had her second daughter, Martin.


SO SO SAD 😒😒😒😒